Unlock your potential through smart marketing 

From branding to website builds, CRM integration, sales funnels, social media management and beyond, With Zest is here to walk with you as your marketing specialist. Together, we will establish your marketing foundations to drive sales and success, giving you the tools and know-how to roll out your marketing yourself.

As a B2B marketing consultancy based in Melbourne, we partner with brands around Australia who want their marketing on track for long term success. Industries include Oil & Gas, Communications, IT, Managed Service providers, telecoms, POS and construction as well as retail and product-based businesses. 

Industries include Oil & Gas, Communications, IT, Managed Service providers, telecoms, POS and construction as well as retail and product-based businesses. 

We’re here for growing brands. You’ve got projections, targets and pipelines but what’s missing is the roadmap – and driver – to meet them. This is so much more than a logo and a website- it requires a cohesive, multi-faceted marketing approach:

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Meet Siobhan

Siobhan Mulvahil

Marketing Mentor & Consultant

BA Media

Graduate Certificate in Business
Certificate in Digital Marketing

I’m Siobhan. I’m a marketing mentor and B2B consultant who has worked at the coalface of marketing for more than twenty years- yes, before the Internet, before Google, and much to my children’s’ horror, before iPads.

I launched my first marketing agency long before the onset of digital marketing. The Internet was brand new and painfully slow- remember that screeching sound of the modem hooking up to the phone line? Ads in the newspaper were the norm and conferences were the main form of lead generation.  So much has changed for so many industries since then.

You know what hasn’t changed in my 20+ years of marketing? It’s the concepts I help big-thinking businesses with today:

  • Proven marketing foundations
  • Consistency across all customer touchpoints
  • Holistic marketing strategy that focuses on a sales pipeline

But I don’t just strategise and then leave you to it.

I mentor you through the strategy and implementation, setting up systems and processes so you can steer your marketing ship. If you want me to do it all for you or liaise with your agency, I can do that too.

While marketing is my endearing love, don’t tell my family, but coffee comes a close second… shall we catch up for a coffee and talk about how I can be of support?


With Zest works with businesses as

A virtual marketing manager who can step in put a plan together and go with the flow.

A marketing mentor to learn and draw on my two decades of expertise.

Staff mentor and trainer to ensure ongoing marketing success.

Work on an ongoing basis or project by project.

Marketing Strategy & Execution

There is no cookie-cutter or hack approach to building a marketing strategy. You need to take time and really think about the best strategy for your business (because every business is different) You also need to ensure that all the moving parts or the strategy are working together to showcase your business story and entice your customers to purchase from you.

Brand Development & Implementation

Building the story for your brand is an important part of your messaging. When we understand our brand story, we can convey it in all of our marketing initiatives. This is also a part of creating a business vision. Not only knowing where your business has come from but where you want to go is important.

Customer interaction & Sales workflows

Casting a wide net without focusing on who your customer is will lead to failure because you are not targeting anyone in particular. This leads to a large amount of money wasted on marketing and advertising. Understanding how your customers find you, what level of information they want to know straight away and how to bring them through your sales pipeline are all important parts when building your marketing strategy.

Professional Social Media Management & Training

Too many businesses spend thousands of dollars a year on social media content creation without a clear idea of why they are posting on social media. A social media strategy means that you know that every post is part of a bigger picture, with clear, measurable objectives.